Exploration & Gas Monetization in East Africa

Mission, Culture, Values & Goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading, fully integrated natural gas production and energy exploration company in East Africa. We believe we will achieve this through:  focused exploration and appraisal drilling; developing and constructing natural gas monetization infrastructure; and through large-scale natural gas production.

Our Culture

Our company culture is based on openness and respect, and empowering our team members to play a significant role in achieving individual and group goals and objectives.

Our Values

  • Respect for team members and stakeholders;
  • Respect for the environment and the natural world in which we all rely;
  • Transparency and fairness in all our transactions and dealings;
  • Focus and dedication to delivering on our promises, goals and objectives; and
  • Commitment to deliver above-average financial returns to the investors who entrust their financial resources to us

Our Goals

  • To prove up Mnazi Bay natural gas resources to justify the investment required to build additional midstream and downstream infrastructure;
  • To monetise the royalty we own in the Offshore Rovuma Area 1 concession (Achieved January 2012);
  • To secure future financing required to participate in on-going exploration and appraisal drilling;
  • To generate above-average returns on our investments; and
  • To deliver shareholder value through:  asset value growth; free cash flow and net income growth; and dividends or capital appreciation.