Rovuma Onshore Concession

  • Primarily onshore, north-eastern Mozambique bordering the Rovuma River to the north and extending east into the Indian Ocean
  • Concession area west of and adjacent to Anadarko's Offshore Area 1 concession (estimated gas resources of 45-70 Tcf)
  • Exploration History - 4 wells drilled to date:
    • Mocimboa-1: Oil and gas shows in Cretaceous age turbidites
    • Mecupa-1: Tertiary gas shows
    • Tembo-1 (drilled in 2014): Gas and condensate shows in the Cretaceous – Petrophysical analysis of the Cretaceous section indicates 11 meters of natural gas net pay with a notice of discovery filed with the Mozambique government in December 2014
    • Kifaru-1 (drilling in 2015): Encountered all targeted zones in the Miocene, Oligocene and Eocene formations but failed to find an economic reservoir
    • Extensive 2D seismic including 1,016km acquired in 2012/13
  • The Onshore Rovuma Concession exploration license expired on August 31, 2015. Prior to the expiry of the license, Wentworth informed the Mozambique government of an intention to appraise the natural gas discovery in the Tembo-1 well. All concession partners other than Wentworth and state owned ENH have relinquished their participation interest in the Rovuma Onshore Block.
  • During June of 2016, the Ministerio dos Reuros Minerais e Energia (Minister of Minerals & Energy) granted approval for an Appraisal Plan of the Tembo-1 natural gas discovery. Under the two-year appraisal period, Wentworth becomes the Operator of the concession and increases its participation interest in the Concession from 11.59% to 85%. State owned Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos ("ENH") retains a 15% participation interest as a carried partner through to the commencement of commercial operations. In addition, ENH has the right to acquire a further 15% participation interest in the Concession from Wentworth within 18 months from the date of submission for a development plan for consideration equal to the proportionate share of past costs incurred.
  • The Appraisal Plan will commence in the second half of 2016 and includes reprocessing of approximately 1,000 km of existing seismic data, plans to acquire a minimum of 500 km of new onshore 2D seismic data and drilling of an appraisal well after the identification of a suitable drilling location based on the evaluation and integration of the new and existing seismic data.
  • The Tembo-1 well was drilled to a total depth of 4,553 metres into rocks of Upper Jurassic age. Natural gas and some condensate was recovered by modular formation dynamics testing ("MDT") confirming the petro physical analysis of 11 meters of pay in sands of Cretaceous age. Tembo-1 was a milestone well for the Rovuma basin and an extensive amount of pertinent geologic data was collected which will have a significant impact on future exploration efforts in the basin. Further analysis of the geologic and petro physical data has led to the identification of additional zones of potential bypassed pay. These zones and the tested gas bearing sands will be subject to further evaluation with additional seismic and drilling. The agreed appraisal area, located around the Tembo-1 discovery onshore, measures approximately 2,500 km2 providing the necessary running room to develop this potentially world class play fairway.

Participation Interest in Concession

Surface Area
% Production
% Exploration
Rovuma Onshore
Wentworth Resources1

1Denotes Operator

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